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masterspitter wake up
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+++ newsflash +++10.09.2003 by Zakalwe
this morning llamas woke up, went for a piss, then back to barn and shortly after... back to... sleep......

Do Llamas hibernate?15.04.2003 by Zakalwe
Despite countless behavior research studies by famous scientists (i.e. Humboldt et. all, "Llamas? sexual activism during Peruvian winter", J.Spit.Spec., 1849, 324-327), we have to disprove their results, that llamas generally do not hibernate.
Since our herd definetly does, we announce the discovery of a new species of llamas: The Lazy Llamas

/me turns around and lolls in warm, incredibly cushy hay

Back from F318.11.2002 by Zakalwe
Hiho, it?s now a week ago when we came back from the Franken Frag Festival (F3). Hah, we won the BF tournament, first time ever the Legion of Llamas won something at all. Ok, we still don?t know WHAT that prize actually is - something round with nvidia printed on and a swivel arm with an alligator crimp at the end which you could attach to your ear or somewhere else, ask Theke ;) -, but it is a start for our pro career.

Pic currently not reachable....

This pic is dedicated to our Llama Laemmchen who organized everything for q3f and us at this LAN but could not attend himself

New llamas30.10.2002 by laemmchen
well we got 2 new llamas

RaCeR & Morpheu?

welcome and spit with us

ESL Clanwar gegen XX5 gewonnen22.10.2002 by PTH
Wir haben heute einen ESL War gegen die XX5 gewonnen.

Auf der feinen Map Market Garden gewannen wir die erste Runde als Allies mit 59:44.

Die zweite Runde als Axis konnten wir dann mit 102:29 auch noch gewinnen.

Battlefield Clanwars20.10.2002 by PTH
Wir haben zwei ESL Wars hinter uns gebracht. Gegen die Gamestar Premium Soldiers gewannen wir auf Battle of the Bulge 132:101 als Allies und 219:0 als Axis.

Gegen die Olympic Lurkers setzte es eine knappe Niederlage von 149:0 und 0:141 auf Guadalcanal.

More and more and more...*whistle*09.10.2002 by LuNox
Well, we continued our Llamassilation Program and recruited some more fearless fighters for our BF section.
These are.. (alphabetical)


I hope I didn't forget anyone... ;-)

Llamassilation Program continues . . .01.10.2002 by Zakalwe
I don?t want to annoy you with our wearethellamasresistanceisfutile motto, but i?m sure, some qwtf guys will remember our new pilots:

maex and NeoN

Ministry of Offense announces that27.09.2002 by Zakalwe
Theke and Code have been hired to reinforce our Spitfire forces.

Spitfire over Battlefield194227.09.2002 by Zakalwe
Watch out, watch out... you will very soon spot some spitfiring Llamas high in the sky cruising in, yup, Spitfires.

You llamas are totally pissed off, you might think and you will be probably right. But anyway, let me explain. We had a problem (a severe one of the Huston category): Since our recent crap-matches vs. minor clans like --{@ or 9m, we needed to reinforce. But how? Comes that one of us had have a vision some time ago, the God of Llamas had apparated in his barn and had spoken:

Llamas you are enough
Llamas you are tough
So go for proper armament
To induce more commitment

Hell, the llama who had this vision and who?s name is not going to be revealed, was a little... yes he was a little confused, thinking of loosing his mind, getting LSE (Llamine Spongiform Encephalopathy) or worse. But in a llamameeting we sorted things out and decided to accomplish of what had been said in the vision.
To make it short, we begged for some money (what a "wanna throw bomb on Saddam" can provide possibilities at CIA...), and bought these damn cute Spitfires. There was other crap available like Messerschmidt, but uhm... as a llama the choice is easy ;)
To make it shorter, this kind of armament is not allowed in Q3F, so some of us went for BF to fly high and spit fire errr... fire spit.

Doesn?t help us with Q3F in the end, thus we are waiting for another apparition.

Don?t ask for any morale in this story :-)

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